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Coco Chanel, an idol of mine, but not the namesake of this blog (that distinction goes to my beautiful daughter, Colette), once warned: “dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” That nicely sums up not only my fashion philosophy but also the reason I am so passionate about sharing it with other women. Fashion can empower you. It can make you feel good about yourself, give you confidence, and help you leave an indelible mark on those you meet. Fashion is also largely about self-expression. What we wear (and how we wear it) is one of the few ways in which we ourselves get to choose the face we put forward into the world. Selecting heels over flats, the pencil skirt over the mini; these decisions may seem trivial to some, but in making them we are deciding who we are, at least for that day. I started this blog to help women make those choices.

But believe it or not, this blog is only 90% about fashion. Additionally, you will find here articles and updates on new restaurants, beauty products, home decor and travel destinations. Not to mention the very popular DIY posts—I hope you all have your hammers ready!

About Me

At this point, you know little more about me than that I am slightly crazy about clothing. So here’s some more about who I am: I am happily married and have a daughter, Colette, or “Coco” as we nicknamed her, and a son named Steele.  I am a crappy golfer, but I love the accessories so I keep playing. I also love running and spinning, at least, that is, when the kids allow me the time.

I studied fashion design at Cornell University. After Cornell I spent a year at Elle magazine, before finding my place as the Fashion Assistant at Niche Media. I left Niche several years later as the Fashion and Accessories Editor and later became the Editorial Director for Haute Living Magazine. Since leaving the print world I have focused nearly exclusively on building a business as a stylist. In addition to a growing group of wonderful and beautiful personal clients, I have styled campaigns for jcpenny, Old Navy and Sofia Vergara. I have also appeared as a style expert on Good Day New York, New York Live, Fox Five News, NBC Miami and Gossip Gram.

But understand one thing; these experiences don’t qualify me to tell you what to wear or how to wear it. Nor would I try to. I don’t believe in fashion experts (although I let them call me one when on TV). Think of me more as a Sherpa, a guide and companion. You will soon notice that while I highlight many products, ideas or designs that I favor, I very rarely will bash someone else’s choices. Except on the red carpet. I reserve the right to bash the occasional denizen of the red carpet. They can take it.

About You

That brings me to you. One thing that I would like to accomplish with this site is to get more of my readers involved. I want questions, comments and most of all, pictures. What works for you, what doesn’t? See something fabulous? Share it with the class! I will give credit where credit is due, unless asked not to.

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