Fancy Nancy:


in seat

At the edge of her seat…



Colette sandwiched between Fancy and her BFF Brie.

On Monday afternoon we went to see Fancy Nancy The Musical at the Vital Theatre Company on the Upper West Side.  We were recently there for Pinkalicious, Colette’s first play/musical.  This time we saw the 1:30 PM showing (which is better than the 3:30 PM in my opinion) and went to lunch before.  There are two good lunch options right there;  Serafina (where we ate, and which has a great kid’s menu) and Viand Cafe (which I always associate with as the only non-fancy place to eat after shopping at Barney’s).  A couple of things to note if you go to see the musical: 1.) The “Premium” seats that are an additional $10 may be worth it, as they are the first three rows.  Regardless though, the theater is small and the rows are tiered so you can see pretty well no matter what seats you have.  2.) I assumed the play was based on the original Fancy Nancy book, but in fact it is a reenactment of Fancy Nancy And The Mermaid Ballet book.  I recommend reading it before hand (luckily they sold it there so we were able to read it five minutes before the curtains went up).

Overall though, another theatrical success.  Next up is Butterfly Girl…