Olfactory NYC:

As somebody who’s extremely picky about scents, I was skeptical, yet also elated, walking into this experience.  Olfactory NYC invited me in to create my own custom perfume.  Situated in a cozy spot on quaint Mott Street, this gem of a place is also quite the experience.  The scents at Olfactory (what feels like hundreds), are curated by the top perfumers using the highest quality natural and sustainable ingredients found in luxury brands (aka, the same peeps as those who make the high end pricey perfumes).  Part of the concept and draw is to keep the pricing under $100 ($78 a bottle).  Unnecessary packaging and brand names fall to the wayside, and the focus is on the actual product (hallelujah!).

So, the process…

I had control over every single scent that was mixed, and narrowed it down from about 100 to 4, and then to my final 3 contenders.   The scents were mixed, my perfume name decided (“Coco”) and my custom label went on the bottle.  “Coco” is a mix of Hazelnut, Madagascar vanilla and sandalwood.  It’s not too sweet, not too strong (nothing more I despise than when somebody wearing a nauseating perfume gives me a hug…and then it lingers on my coat!), but juuuuust right.  So right that you can purchase your own “Coco” right here!  Enter “coco20” at checkout for 20% off, loves!