A Delish Din

This past weekend we went to Marc Forgione for dinner.  Now this isn’t a new restaurant, but it’s one that we never went to because it was too close for comfort.  Our old apartment was directly across the street from the spot, and for two years we couldn’t justify getting dressed to dine only feet away.  I guess now that we live three blocks away it’s acceptable.  The interior is all exposed brick, immersing you in warmth.  The walls are lined with books and found objects, right up my alley.  Here are some culinary highlights of the evening:

I’m a huge tequila fan, but am not a fan of sweet drinks (who needs all those extra calories?).  This cocktail was refreshing with a touch of spicy.


The rolls for the table had clarified butter brushed on them, with carmelized onion butter served on the side.


We ordered multiple appetizers from the kampachi tartare, yellow and red beets and goat cheese (the girls pick, obviously), to the baked oysters and chili lobster with texas toast.   This last one really stood out.  The lobster pieces were in a lobster stock with sriracha (aka spicy), lime juice, ginger, garlic and butter.


The two boys shared the chicken for two, which is the main dish the restaurant is known for.  I had the swordfish wrapped in a garlic puree with squid ink and olive oil.   To end the meal we had a couple of desserts, my favorite being the restaurant’s take on a lemon meringue pie.  Salivating yet?