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unnamed-9unnamed-2I grew up spending every summer in Beach Haven, Long Beach Island.  I’ve written about it before, but each time I go back I have a whole new appreciation for it.  It’s a pretty short ride, all things considered, from my house.  Our beach house is in a location where we walk everywhere (I actually didn’t drive for a week).  The beach is our backyard and the kids couldn’t be more carefree playing there.  It’s also pretty nostalgic for me.  Instead of me jumping the waves and building drip castles and sand moats, I’m watching my kids do it.  My daughter’s the one jumping up when she hears the ice cream man ring the bell (although I still get happy inside when I hear that sound).  The beach is just easy living.  I ran every morning in the extra wide bike lanes (nope, none of that by my year-round house) followed by an outdoor shower (one of the best concepts EVER).  I wore a bikini and coverup daily until dinner time rolled around.  Then it was flip flops and cut-offs and a stroll for oysters and a bottle of rose.

Because I’m a minimalist when I pack (a planned afternoon and night outfit per day) I brought my Summer essentials that are perfect for the beach.  Here it goes:

My Tkees Foundation flip flops were worn to and from the beach and my walks to Bay Village, Pearl Street Market and Triton Oyster Bar.

I’m obsessed with white coverups.  There’s something ethereal about them.  Pair them with a tan and beachy waves and you’re good to go.  The one I’m wearing I found at a local boutique (it’s actually a shirt that I decided should be worn over a bikini), but I’m loving this one, this one and this one. 

Next up, bikinis.  while I love my Eres, I can’t afford to own various styles at over $300 a pop.  This season though I’ve been all about Victoria’s Secret string bikinis.  They fit well, actually seem to hold up well and come in awesome prints and styles.

And finally, sunnies. I’m sunglasses obsessed and I took this opportunity to pack  few of my fun ones.  Specifically, my hot pink Paul Smith’s (similar here).  They’re UV protectant and insanely comfy on your face.


If you haven’t been to Long Beach Island, especially Beach Haven (I’m not biased or anything), you must.  And if you’re heading there and need recommendations just let me know!





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  • Elisse Weiss.

    Great column. I feel as if I was there with you!!!!