Butterscotch Blankees:

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Maybe it’s me but it seems like baby season has struck again.  Everywhere I look I see more and more people rocking their bumps.  One of my favorite gifts to give a newborn is a Butterscotch Blankees personalized blanket.  It’s adorable to display over a chair in the baby’s room, and the stroller size is ideal to throw on the baby as it gets chillier.  Despite the fact that both of my kids have a blanket collection to covet, our go to is from Butterscotch.  And the buck doesn’t stop there,  the hats  are warm and yummy along with the pillows  and scarves.   I personally have my eye on this initial blanket for my living room.  And if you’re looking for something really decadent, every item comes in cashmere too.