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Tangle Teaser:

The only time I ever brush my hair is right after the shower while it’s still wet, before the waves emerge.  My brush of choice was the Wet Brush, until I heard about the Tangle Teaser.  My Wet Brush wasn’t cutting it any longer–the balls at the ends of the bristles were coming off (inherently damaging my hair), and after brushing  for what felt like …

The Organic Pharmacy:

We eat organic, so why not go organic when it comes to skincare and haircare?  I was recently introduced to a line of products from The Organic Pharmacy.  The brand has a physical location on Bleecker Street, but you can order anything from makeup to perfumes from the extensive site. A few of my favorites not only smell delicious and earthy but I could feel …

Take It Outside:

I recently switched nail places in search of a better color selection–especially in the grey department.  Yesterday, I was pleasantly greeted by a plethora of neutrals along with some Fall 2014 shades.  Essie’s Take It Outside caught my attention.  It’s a true light grey that apparently lots of other people deem to be perfection (it was sold out on Essie’s site).

Sand Tropez:

I love this shade that’s a cross between a pale grey and beige–Essie’s Sand Tropez.   It’s neutral, yet opaque so it provides full coverage–a great transitional color from the end of Summer into Fall.    

Emmy’s Recap:

Every Emmy’s (Oscars and a few other significant red carpets) I give my recap of fashion hits and misses.  This year’s Emmy’s was no exception.  I’ll tell you this though, I took two things away from last night’s carpet: 1.) My next black tie gown will be red. 2.) I need to go blonder.   HITS: Sarah Silverman:  She looked smokin’ hot!  Her body was out of …