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This Week’s Mani

My nails were in desperate need of a redo.  I had on Essie’s Carry On and was ready for something lighter, in the grey family.  After deliberating at the salon (I kid you not, I can make life altering decisions in a few minutes but when it comes to polish colors I take my time), I chose Master Plan–the perfect pale neutral.

Decided to give my (normally dark) nails a break with BBF Boyfriend.   Oh yah, and I can’t even count how much money I’ve wasted on these $4 black throwaway umbrellas/handbag protectors.

Black Lashes

I can’t believe I’m putting pictures of myself like this out there, but I guess that’s the price of having a blog.  Until a few weeks ago I had never even heard of eyelash dying.  I was at Butterfly Studio and ran into a (blonde) friend of mine having it done.  I watched the process and was intrigued.  A week later I was back for a …

Dark and Rich Beauty:

THE color of the season is a hue that’s a mix between oxblood, burgundy and plum. We’ve seen it all over the runway on clothing as well as accessories and beauty products. The overly done up girl with a fake tan is a concept of the past. There’s nothing chicer than a clean face, a smooth line of black liquid liner across your upper lids …