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Shimmer & Shine:

The title of my post clearly proves that I’ve been watching too much Nick Jr. lately, but it’s also pretty on point.  My favorite skincare brand, Mario Badescu, has created the product of the summer, and of course it’s one I’ve made part of my daily routine.  The Summer Shine Body Lotion smells like apricots and gives off a slight sheen without being glittery.  It’s greaseless and absorbs right …

Take It Outside, Again:

I’ve written about this one over a year ago, but I rediscovered it again this past weekend, so I figured it’s worthy of bringing it to your attention–again.  Essie’s Take It Outside is a color to own, the perfect transitional Spring gray that’s pale without being a pink or nude.  So glad I found this one again!

Boho Chic:

I’m loving this whole boho chic trend this season.  It makes getting dressed easy this Spring/Summer because you can wear your basic jeans and t-shirts, or a cotton maxi (or mini) dress and mix in an embellished accessory.  Here are a few of my must have faves!   Shashi Kamila Bag Loeffler Randall Suze Sandals Star Mela Sami Cosmetic Case      

Off Tropic:

I’m not normally one to choose a green shade of polish, but this perfectly emerald color was screaming my name.  Essie’s Off Tropic is one of the newest from the Spring 2016 collection.  If you’re inclined to wear jewel tones on your nails then consider adding this one to your repertoire.  

Mario Badescu Facial:

It’s no surprise that I’m a Mario Badescu junkie.  I have no less than a 10-step program that varies from morning to night, and every other night I switch up a couple of products (it seems exhausting, but I have it down to a science and it makes all the difference for your skin). It’s been too long but I just ventured in to the skin care …