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MVP Jean Shorts:

I bought these One Teaspoon denim shorts in December, anticipating that I’d be living in them this Summer, and even before during my travels.  And I was right.  I wore them in Florida during the day with ballet flats and sandals and at night with a pair of wedges.   At full disclosure though, the style I’m wearing is completely sold out everywhere (like as of today, I swear!), but there are …

Shimmer & Shine:

The title of my post clearly proves that I’ve been watching too much Nick Jr. lately, but it’s also pretty on point.  My favorite skincare brand, Mario Badescu, has created the product of the summer, and of course it’s one I’ve made part of my daily routine.  The Summer Shine Body Lotion smells like apricots and gives off a slight sheen without being glittery.  It’s greaseless and absorbs right …

NBC’s “Red Hot” Segment

In case you missed it—my latest NBC segment.  Clearly the hottest hue is…RED! WINTER’S RED HOT STYLE Style Expert Lindsay Brooke Weiss shows us how to spice up your winter look with the season’s hottest hue.