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I took a hiatus from doing This Week’s Mani posts until recently–when a client asked me what color she should be wearing on her nails and asked me to blog about it.  So when I have a good one to write about going forward I’ll be sure to share it with you! I always go back and forth between light and dark polish depending on my …

Take It Outside, Again:

I’ve written about this one over a year ago, but I rediscovered it again this past weekend, so I figured it’s worthy of bringing it to your attention–again.  Essie’s Take It Outside is a color to own, the perfect transitional Spring gray that’s pale without being a pink or nude.  So glad I found this one again!

Off Tropic:

I’m not normally one to choose a green shade of polish, but this perfectly emerald color was screaming my name.  Essie’s Off Tropic is one of the newest from the Spring 2016 collection.  If you’re inclined to wear jewel tones on your nails then consider adding this one to your repertoire.  

Mind Your Mittens:

My latest mani color is Essie’s Mind Your Mittens,  Even though it’s from the 2013 collection I never saw it before–or maybe I was just never in the market for a black/blue/teal sort of color!  I’m loving this. Love coordinating your polish with your clothing and accessories?  Here are some of my favorites in this colorway.