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Bobbing For Baubles:

I’ve had pale shades on my nails for the past couple of weeks, in anticipation of all the unpacking I’d be doing.  And I was right.  A couple weeks later and I’m ready for some deep saturation on my nails- something unexpected.  Essie’s Bobbing For Baubles isn’t a new one, but it’s a good one.  I’ve been using it here and there for a couple of …

Sandy Beach:

In need of a long overdue mani, I rushed to squeeze one in today after I came back from the holiday weekend.  I opted for something light and sheer, with the notion in mind that I’ll be making boxes, packing boxes and taping boxes this week.  Essie’s Sandy Beach lacks much color but does make your nails look polished and lacquered.  

Love & Acceptance:

I’ve posted about this color once before in 2013, but it’s too good not to revisit in 2014.  When you’re looking for a bit of color on your nails, but nothing bright, Essie’s Love & Acceptance does just the trick–part grey, part lavender.  Perfection.  

Zoya Kendal:

I’ll be honest, second time around being pregnant is quite different than the first.  I barely have time to think about what week I’m in, much less ingredients in products.   It’s a big plus that I’m always drawn to to Zoya when I go to Haven,  and it also happens to be one prominent brand  that’s a healthy choice for pregnant women.  The line is free …

Big Spender:

Yesterday I decided to go with a bright color, not the typical for me.  Essie’s Big Spender is what I settled upon, a magenta that looks pink in some lights and more raspberry colored in others.  Needless to say, I’m sort of obsessed with it.  This is a perfect color for a pedicure, too.  It happens to be the same shade as one of my daughter’s …