Cool Mess, Hot Idea:



unnamed-13At my core I’m a city girl and take any opportunity to bring my family in for a trip, no matter how quick it may be.  Last weekend we decided to head over to the UES to check out all the Cool Mess hype.  After seeing friends’ photos on Instagram, and not really knowing what it was, except that involved ice cream, we tested it out for ourselves.  The results?  Delish and fun for all! It’s the perfect activity brought to you by the Burger Heaven family (Cool Mess is located on the floor above it on 62 Street, so it even has an abbreviated Burger Heaven menu if you want to eat there before you create your dessert).  Our waiter could not have been more engaging and really involved the kids in the ice cream making process.  How does it work you ask? Pick your base, vanilla or chocolate, and three toppings.  A decent sized amount of each is brought over in individual cups so the kids can really feel a part of the process, down to removing the lids and pouring in their fruit, candy or even cookie dough.  Then you let the ice cream making machine do its work with a little help from those little stirring hands.  Eight minutes later (and during that time Cool Mess even gives the kids Wiki Sticks to pass the time) and voila!  Total decadence.