Emerson Resort & Spa Take II:

Right before I went for my Swedish massage and felt all zenned out.

For 24 hours I was in a deeply blissful state.  Just a couple hours north of NYC, in the heart of the Catskills, Emerson Resort & Spa is nestled.  The solo drive was peaceful and I was able to listen to the latest The Skinny Confidential podcast with Khalil Rafati.  The time alone was relaxing and I was able to ruminate, reflect, cry and laugh.  Needless to say, by the time I pulled up to the resort I was ready to relax with my BFF.

This is the second year in a row that I was invited to the resort, and the second year that I was able to bring Nicole.  It’s 24 hours that we get to relax, eat, drink, chill, chat and partake in trivia night at Woodnotes Grille (The restaurant in the resort is drool-worthy and every Wednesday night is Trivia Night.)  While Nicole and I got our tushes kicked in the “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” categories, we had some good laughs and delish cocktails.  Casa Amigos, lots of freshly squeezed lime juice and a splash of soda, over ice, was my potion of choice.

But I digress.  Before dinner we were invited for deep tissue Swedish massages and then chilled out in the relaxation room with some hot tea and crisp green apples (legit hit the spot).  The spa is gorgeous to say the least, and has the most calming and serene effect.  To be able to walk around the hotel in slippers and a robe (and not get crazy looks!) is liberating to say the least. Zenned out, we then showered and prepared for the night.  Before our meal we had a couple of cocktails at the bar and played trivia, and then sat down for a more formal dinner.  I think we ordered every seafood option on the menu!  The mussels in a coconut broth was my favorite, followed up with the seared tuna entree, shrimp and grits appetizer and the scallops.

The next morning we woke up and headed over to the Shops (a short walk down the hallway in the resort lies some of the cutest little country shops) to explore the home goods, sunnies and clothing.  Of course we couldn’t leave without a visit to Ralph’s Cafe for an iced coffee (and they even had my fave little flavored creamers), some fresh fruit and kitchen souvenirs.

Whether you’re looking to get away with your bestie (like I did!), or a family member or significant other, I can guarantee that you will find total bliss here at Emerson Resort & Spa.  I only had 21 hours here and already feel recharged and refreshed.  You better believe that Nicole and I will be back here next year!

The most gorgeous entryway to the spa. In my night out for din outfit!

Getting trivia ready…sipping Casa Amigos, fresh lime juice and club soda.

Exhibit A.

The shrimp and grits app and the tuna entree. Deeelish!

The mussels in coconut broth app and grilled shrimp app.

So many gorgeous rooms here…especially the GREAT ROOM!

The cutest little country shops, located inside the resort.

You had me at flavored coffee creamers 🙂

BFF traditions are the best traditions.

Trying not to leave this place!