Fitness & Food:


By our beach house, on my fave beach in Beach Haven.

I’ve gotten loads of messages on Instagram asking about my fitness and food regimen, which I LOVE.  I’m pretty outspoken about the meals I cook, my hacks and my workouts.  So, after taking a poll on Insta stories and getting an overwhelming “do a post on it!”, that’s exactly what we have here!

Let’s talk workouts.  I’ve become a “runner” in the past year, and it’s a big accomplishment.  I can keep up with my husband, and a standard run is 5 miles.  This summer I put my gym membership on hold because I’m traveling a bunch and also despise being inside for a workout class when it’s gorgeous outside.  I’ve been wanting to get into yoga and pilates, so this was the perfect time.  Running, coupled with Melissa Wood Health workouts, and I’ve never been happier.  Honestly.  I’ve always been a big cardio at the gym kind of girl, and this was a test to see how I’d feel mentally and physically while doing lower impact, but isolating muscles, exercises.  After dedicating 3 months to mixing this into my repertoire, I can honestly say I’ve never felt stronger physically, had a clearer head and seen bigger results.  I use muscles I never exercise normally, I have more patience with my kids and now after a few months of mixing this into my routine, I CRAVE it.  I also dreaded my ab exercises I did on a regular basis.  They felt monotonous and like a chore.  The MWH 15 and 17 minute ab workouts are something I do 5 days a week now and look forward to.  SWEAR!  I’ve cut back on running 3 times a week and have been running 1-2 times and doing yoga and pilates 1-2 times, coupled with the ab routine as well.  I’m never going back to my old ways, and I’m SO glad I took the time to listen to what my body wanted and allowed myself to experiment and get out of my usual routine, that quite honestly, wasn’t making me so happy.

Onto meals.  I cook at least 3 times during the week for Jordan and myself.  My kids tend not to eat my cooking, unless it’s my turkey balls which happen to be delish, gluten free and super flavorful.  I have a few core recipes that I’ll share with you below!

Let’s start with breakfast.  I like something sweet, so I tend to opt for a protein/meal bar (that isn’t loaded with sugar, fat and calories) and some fruit.  I try to think about protein and fiber when I can.  I’m also always running around my kitchen while the kids are eating their breakfast, so unfortunately it’s rarely a meal I get to enjoy sitting down (a pet peeve of mine is standing and eating and I’m guilty of it!).  I also love VitaTops muffins with a smidge of peanut butter on top.  They’re packed with fiber and SO delish.  I’m partial to the chocolate chocolate chip and the regular chocolate chip.

I’ve mentioned this before, lunch is my “hard” meal.  I never like to eat a huge meal which would make me feel lethargic the rest of the day.  I prefer a smaller to moderate sized lunch that will take me till about 4:00 PM, snack time (Made Good chocolate chip granola bites are my absolute fave–I feel good eating them).  My latest discovery is Joseph’s wraps and tortillas.  They’re low cal, high fiber and are super filling.  I’ve been filling mine with turkey, hummus, and a recent fave combo is a Laughing Cow triangle cheese with low fat tuna salad and lettuce.  I’ve also gone the breakfast burrito route too! And if I’m in the market for a sweet lunch and am running around the city with clients, I tend to bring a Siggi’s lingonberry and strawberry yogurt along with dehydrated strawberries and a low sugar granola.

Onto dinner!  I have about 6 healthy meals that I have on heavy rotation, and will share a few with you now! The specifics of the meals are up on “Drinks + Eats” on my Instagram Stories.  My take on eating at home during the week is when you eat clean and know what ingredients are in your food, you go into the weekend feeling good about yourself and your body.  And lastly, everything I make can be cooked in advanced or prepped wayyyy early.  I’m busy with work and the kids and can’t wait until prime time at night (between 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM) to start cooking.

My Chicken Milanese actually came from a friend years ago.  It’s baked, made with egg whites and you can swap the breadcrumbs for gluten free ones.  My salad is only made from arugula, chopped cherry tomatoes, balsamic glaze and a pinch of salt.

My Turkey Balls are gluten free, made with reduced fat turkey meat and only have 3 ingredients added (garlic powder, salt and pepper).  The key to a delish sauce (IMO) is taking the skin off of an organic baby eggplant (less seeds) and dicing it.  This also allows me to sneak in an extra veggie in the sauce that my kids will actually eat!  I then add it to my The Silver Palate vodka sauce and cook the turkey balls in it.

My Eggplant Parm is something I concocted about a year ago and is now Jordan’s fave meal I make (and honestly, mine too).  It tastes decadent, but is baked and on the healthier side.  I dip the eggplant slices into egg whites and breadcrumbs (again, you can do gluten free too) and bake.  The amazing thing about this one is you can prep it early.  I’ve made the eggplant in the early afternoon and layered on the sauce and cheese right before meal time.

PLEASE reach out with any questions, tips and any meals or workouts that you’re obsessed with these days.  I love hearing suggestions and ways I can better myself!  xoxo


Standard workout look, which I’ve adapted for the streets!