Graphic Tights:

I have to be honest, last year I went to Paris and stocked up on really cool tights from Pamela Mann that screamed chic chic France.  I bought a pair with a graphic printed zipper going down the back of each leg and these neon floral ones.  I completely forgot about them until now.  So naturally I had to work a blog post around them (which also pair perfectly with my newest Nieves Lavi LBD addition to the wardrobe!).  When you have a really fun pair of tights keep the focus on them.  So that means pair them with a simple dress or top and skirt.  Too many patterns is just too much.  I’ve been adding patterns and colors into my wardrobe (I’m usually a neutral kind of girl) and these check the box for both!

Dress: Nieves Lavi / Tights: Pamela Mann / Heels: Christian Louboutin