Home Goods:


I’m always looking for the next best thing to decorate my home with.  As of late, two brands have been brought to my attention,  and the lines have only enhanced our modern with a traditional twist aesthetic.  First, I’m a lover of fur vests and own a couple from Adrienne Landau.  Little did I know that the brand has expanded to include home decor, specifically these chic fur pillows.  Despite the fact that it’s summer, my family still loves to cuddle under a cozy furry blanket and pillow (we keep it cold in the house thanks to Jordan!).

Next up, I’m always on the hunt for cute kids pieces that come in pretty colors that match the decor.  Lorena Canals has done just that.  From the heart mini carpets to the coordinating pastel pillows, this line is a home run in our house.  I’m a big fan of the baskets that come in pastels adorned with pom poms.  They’re not only an organizational tool but they’re cute!

Pillows (here and here) / Baskets