Inception: 3floz

I’ve decided to add a new element to cocoincashmere called “Inception”.  The recurring series of posts highlight successful entrepreneurs in the fashion, beauty, travel and food industries, and give you insight into brands, the people behind them and how they made it this far.  This is the first of many in the works.  Enjoy!


Alexi (left) and Kate (right)


Alexi Mintz and Kate Duff are the brain children behind, your one-stop-shop for TSA approved products for women, men and babies.  Say goodbye to the hassle of transferring your favorite products from Fekkai, Oscar Blandi, DDF and Supersmile (just to name a few) into mini bottles, and order your own go-to essentials or have them shipped directly to your hotel!

Name? Alexi Mintz and  Kate Duff

Age? Both 32


Degrees (and from where)?

AM: B.S from Skidmore College  

KD: BA University of Kentucky


When/how did you come up with the idea for your business?

KD: I wish I could take credit but the brainchild for was Alexi’s.  When she approached me with it I thought it was absolutely brilliant.  Prior to the launch of 3Floz there was no one-stop-shop for higher end beauty, grooming and wellness products.


What kind of hours do you work and do you find you still have time for friends and family?

AM: I work odd hours. Most days it is 8 to 8; however, in recent months as the company has started to mature and grow, I’ve been able to trim those hours and spend more time with friends and family. When was launched, finding the balance of working vs. friends and family was very difficult and I did a pretty bad job of balancing it. 

KD: I think the answer here is that I do the best I can to make the little time I have for friends and family quality time. There is no “day’s over” time to shut down and relax when you own your own company.


What is your favorite thing about owning your own business?

AM: Working for myself.

KD: Getting to be a part of every aspect of the business.  Every single day is different and has challenges and rewards, which is pretty exciting.


What is your least favorite thing about owning your own business?

AM: Working for myself.

KD: How hard it is to have a schedule, and to be able to have enough time for friends and family.  I’m so lucky that I have a business partner in this with me because there are very few people who fully understand the highs and lows of  starting and growing a company.


What was your most meaningful experience (job or internship) prior to becoming an entrepreneur?

AM: Working at Archipelago Botanicals. I started working for David and Gregg (the co-founders) right out of college. I needed experience and they needed an assistant for a recently launched candle company. I spent most of my career before working for them. 

KD: I really don’t think anything can prepare you for the craziness that is starting your own company.  I was lucky enough to work at two amazing companies where I was allowed to be involved with and participate in many aspects of the business.


Ever work a job you wish you could forget?

KD: Yes.   I worked for 2 months as a server in a restaurant and I was HORRIBLE!  I would get distracted chatting away to the patrons, would forget to put the food orders in and it was really just a complete disaster.  One of my best friends was actually my manager at the time and had to move me over to hostessing, suggesting it was probably a better fit.


Where do you envision yourself 10 years from today?

AM: On a beach, obviously!

KD: Having a more balanced work/personal life.  We’ll see!

What advice would you give to people who want to start their own business?

AM: Do it!

KD:  If you have to ask whether or not to do it, or if anyone can convince you it may not be a good idea , then don’t do it.  The only thing that gets you thru the hard days is your belief that what you are doing will work and that you will be the 1 in 5  start-ups that make it.