New Kicks:

Sneakers have become an integral part of our wardrobe.  I say we because it’s all across the world, not just the US!  In fact, every year when I go to Paris I love seeing what the ladies are wearing strolling down the streets.  This year, once again, it was all about the sneaker.  From suits to dresses to cutoff jeans, we’ve said OK to comfort meets style. By popular demand, I’ve rounded up my pick of sneaks that I’m loving these days.  Hopefully there’s a sneaker for everybody!

Isabel Marant Slip Ons:  As seen above, I’ve added slip on sneakers to my wardrobe.  The pair I’m wearing were custom made, on the spot, at Le Bon Marche in Paris.  This bandana printed pair really stands out (while still matching everything) and are super comfy.


Gola Eclipse:  I’m not so into the really chunky sneakers that happen to be trendy (a la Balenciaga), so this is a happy medium.  I love the pastels and the price!



Nike Air Force 1:  I love this color combo.  I’m a sucker for Nike high tops and these definitely do not disappoint!


Saint Laurent Low Tops: I have these in denim and am loving the new animal printed version.  They’re a neutral that look especially good paired with tie dye and neons.

Air Max 98:  OMG, these are beyond fun!  They come in two different colorways, pastel and animal print.

Stella McCartney x Stan Smith:  I must say, some variation of these were on 1/3 people in Paris.  They look so good stark white but equally cool beat up.  It’s also fun having Stella’s face on your sneaks.  I’m obsessed!

Nike Blazer:  These are the perfect crisp pair of high tops.  The price is right and they really do go with everything.  I love the cream mixed with the white combo best.