How To Pack For A Long Weekend:

Hands down, my favorite thing to do professionally is to appear on TV and give style tips.  I love being able to spread knowledge and fashion power.  So…I decided to start incorporating videos into my blog posts!  One of the services I offer is packing for clients, and I’m hoping you find this video helpful.  Check out how to pack for a long weekend, and see my tips and products that I’m packing below!

Lay out each outfit, day and night:  I do not subscribe to the method of packing (or lack thereof) by just throwing a bunch of items into a bag and calling it a day.  Once you’re away, why would you want to take time away from your trip to decide what to wear and try on several looks in a hotel?  Rather, plan out each outfit, one for day, one for night and lay each one out in its own pile (with accessories too).

Arriving and departing:  I always pack the same pants, shoes and accessories for my clients for the way to their destination and way home.  The only thing I swap out and pack is an extra shirt.

Jewelry:  Stick to one color jewelry and hardware, gold or silver.  There’s no need when traveling to pack loads of jewelry that literally can load you down and make you worry about their safekeeping.  I match the same hardware to the jewelry.  In this case, the client’s clutch and boots have silver hardware so we did a silver statement hoop.

Reuse, reuse, reuse:  I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping core elements (like faux leather leggings, jeans, jacket, etc.) and swapping out the ancilary elements.  There’s no need to pack 4 pairs of jeans for a 3 day trip.

Color scheme:  Choose one color scheme, whether it’s browns or blacks, and stick to it.  Have each look revolve around that so you don’t need to pack several pairs of shoes and bags.

Bags:  Select one day bag that matches all of your looks and one clutch for night time.  This all goes back to color coordination and keeping it simple.


And now, a few of my favorites that I packed in this video:

Jennifer Fisher hoops

Commando leather leggings

Proenza Schouler clutch

The White Company shopper bag

Manolo Blahnik boots

Equipment camisole