Paris 2019:

Jordan and I have made it an annual vacay (this was our fourth consecutive year) to go to Paris.  We land and are in our groove.  Jordan’s impeccable sense of direction found us back at our usual haunts for lunch, boutiques to shop at and cobblestone streets to stroll.  Here’s the lowdown on what we packed into THREE eventful days and nights.  Guys, just writing this post has me all nostalgic and reliving the past.  Take me back.  NOW!!! XO

Day 1:

We’re a creature of habit the second we land.  We always take the red eye the night before and land early in the morning.  Immediately after checking into our hotel we head to Angelina to split a Parisian breakfast–croissants, baguettes, grapefruit juices, eggs and of course, a mini carafe of their infamous hot chocolate.  If you know, you KNOW.

Next up, loads of shopping.  We wait all year for this vacay and really make our way around to our favorites and of course discover some new gems.  As a stylist, I love people watching and trend spotting on the streets.  Of course I also devise lots of inspo from what’s being sold in the stores–usually it’s different versions of what’s being sold here in the US.  My favorite boutique aesthetically is Gucci.  The pink puffed walls make the perfect backdrop for all of the glorious goods.  I left with a neon (and I mean glow-in-the-dark kind of neon) mules.  Classic with a twist!

For dinner we went back to Verjus.  We ate here last year, on recommendation, and fell in love with the ambiance (so cute and quaint), and the divine classic French food.  It’s an omakase menu and each bite is more delectable than the next.  The asparagus, toast with morels and the chickpea tacos were my faves.


Day 2:

This year we decided to switch it up and head to Champane for the day for a Veuve Clicquot champagne tour.  We took the Eurorail (45 mins. outside of Paris) to Reims.  We had little expectations, and were totally blown away.  Reims is a city (not the countryside, as we thought) and has adorable boutiques as well as galleries, patisseries, the most stunning cathedral and a Michelin star restaurant.  We didn’t have a res but got right into Le Millenaire.  I had the cold lobster and it was legit one of the most delish things I’ve ever had.  At 2:00 PM our tour started, and it lasted 3 hours.  We got the back story about Reims, were fortunate enough to see the Veuve hotel (Not open to the public, but only for guests of the higher ups at LVMH who stay for free.  You can only IMAGINE how suped up the inside was!) and then head over to the Veuve HQ.  We explored the caves (down a long flight of steps are 19 acres of attached caves where the champagne is made) and saw what goes into making each bottle of champagne.  CRAZY is an understatement!  After all was said and done we got to have a private tasting of 2 bottles of our choice (the rosé champagne was my fave), and of course purchase some to bring back home (Rookie mistake as that took up valuable storage in our suitcase!).

Once we got back to Paris we headed to one of our favorite shops, Zadig & Voltaire.  Little known thing about Paris, most boutiques have champagne for you.  We had our fair share of champs that day! We also found some exclusive pieces that I haven’t seen here in the US yet.

Ahhh, dinner.  After having a pretty formal lunch, we welcomed our dinner res for the evening.  Braisenville was so delish we would go back again next year.  We were digging a more casual vibe so we sat at the bar. The bartender was awesome, and was a pro with the margs!  Each dish can be shared so we ordered a ton of food.  The crab was by far my fave dish.


Day 3:

Our final full day in Paris and we spent it in St. Germain.  We cut through the Tuilleries to get there and just walked, shopped, ate and drank all day.  We ended up eating at our favorite corner in the whole little area.  We ate at Le Bar Du Marché and I had a Croque Monsieur with a side of rosé (duh) and Jordan had the steak tartare.  We ate lunch here last year so it felt good to be back.  This classic Parisian cafe is at the epicenter of St. Germain, with the most ideal people watching.  The food’s just better in Paris.  No preservatives, no snacking, just real, pure ingredients.  And drinking is encouraged!

We shopped lots of little boutiques there and discovered From Future, a clothing store where everything’s bright and mostly made of cashmere.  The best part were the prices and the collab with Lucien Pellat-Finet!  Le Bon Marché is a must visit department store.  From Celine to Chanel, every kind of sneaker, and also cool limited edition pieces, this gorgeous mecca is a must see and shop.

Dinner was at LouLou.  The ambiance is spectacularly chic, and the outside is gorgeous (You can sit outside in the courtyard, which is encouraged, but it was cold and a little damp the night we went).  We’ve been wanting to try this restaurant since last year.  The menu is Italian and super delish.  I recommend the tuna pizza, asparagus salad, the bolognese pasta and the grilled calamari.  YUM.

Au revoir till next year, Paris! You treated us well.  XO