Paris Day 2, 2018:

And so the journey continues, day 2 of my European vacay.  This day was spent going to Foire De Paris, a festival/fair/expo, call it what you will. We took a short subway ride there last year and had a ball.  It’s the meeting of the minds for food, wine, international goods and art.  Last year we fell in love with the artist ONEMEIZER and regretted not buying a piece of his work.  This year the fair fell during the same week we were there so we trekked over to investigate.  Well, we found our piece of art and it’s currently being shipped to our home.  Stay tuned on where that’ll go once it arrives!  We also bought our fair share of charcuterie and little knick knacks for the kids.

No time in Paris is complete without having the infamous hot chocolate at Angelina.  Served in its own little carafe with a side of homemade whipped cream, it’s nothing short of decadently divine.  It’s more like liquid dark chocolate melted down to pure gold.   I’m the fool who’s scooping out every last drop with a little spoon.

The remainder of the day was spent in St. Germain.  We went to Le Bon Marché to shop around along with practically every street in the quarter.  We popped into our favorite vintage movie poster store and repeat clothing boutiques from last year.  At this point, places and things feel familiar, like we’ve been there before (because we have).   Next up came a late lunch outside, eating side by side and people watching for a really long time while sipping rosé and sharing a croque monsieur (ham and cheese melted on toast).

After walking around the entire day we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our dinner reservation at Manko.  Note that in Paris restaurants don’t really get started until 9:30 PM.  This Peruvian trendy restaurant did not disappoint.  The decor was stunning and sleek, very Great Gatsby a la the grandiose bar and sweeping staircase. The best part though was that it’s attached to a cabaret club.  We made friends with the loveliest British couple (by way of South Africa) who sat  next to us at dinner, and we decided to all split a table at the club.  The night didn’t get started until 1:00 AM, so you can only imagine what time we got home (4:00 AM!).  I drank scotch and soda and sipped champagne almost until the sun came up.  The show was part cabaret  (which was bizarre but so cool and artistic) and part straight up night club.  On that note, stay tuned for day 3 to come…XO