Paris Day 3, 2018:

Ahhh, day 3, our last full day in Paris.  After staying out till all hours of the morning we woke up on the later side.  We walked to Marais for the day, a historic district of Paris that spreads across the 3rd and 4th arrondissements.  The old world charm and cobblestone streets make it one of the sweetest and coziest neighborhoods (in my opinion at least!).  It feels like the West Village of NYC.  Big name boutiques are mixed in with small off-the-beaten-path ones.  Our first stop was for brunch and of course some rosé.  Amongst all the cafes crowding the streets, Cafe Charlot seemed to the most crowded and the food looked beyond decadent. We sat side by side outside under the awning while watching the rain.  It was super romantic, cozy and satisfied our hunger and then some.  The brunch special for 20 Euros included brioche French toast, the fluffiest eggs topped with salmon, a cheese and dill dip, tomatoes and herbs, brioche, fruit salad, cappuccino and fresh squeezed OJ.  Best deal in Paris.  Hands down.

We walked for hours and found the same street this year that had the same street artist sketching and painting as last year.  If you recall we framed our fashion piece last year and it’s in our entryway.  This year we bought a similar one in purple and blue.  We also walked through the Jewish area and had the best falafel of our lives.  So good that after eating it over the span of two blocks we turned around for a second to share.

We found a cool artsy type flea market where people were selling used goods and new goods (where I picked up my Adidas high tops and a really beautiful handmade silk and wooden beaded necklace).  We also found a cool mens and kids sneaker store that had the sickest Nike’s (that started at at least $600).  Think of the equivalent of Flight Club in NYC but much more quaint.  I especially loved the photo mounted on the wall that was donated from the store Colette before it went out of business (kids in the street, shirtless, wearing their Nike kicks).

We wrapped up our Parisian adventure with dinner at L’Avenue.  It was the perfect Sunday night meal.  The shrimp dumplings to start were a must and the tuna steak for dinner was delish.  The vodka martinis were stirred to perfection and the sorbet for dessert was the perfect way to bid adieu to our most favorite city besides New York.  As for me, I’ll be counting down the days till our next Parisian getaway…

(If you have ANY questions at all about where to go and what to do in Paris besides what I wrote about, please reach out to me! I’m obviously no guru but I do know how to eat, shop and drink!)