unnamed-19I’ll start off by saying that I didn’t think I would be so affected by this election.  What I mean is that I thought we would have had two perfectly qualified candidates to choose between, not “the lesser of two evils”.  I’ve spent months dedicating my dinner hour to watching CNN.  And I most certainly didn’t think that I’d wake up this morning in mourning, feeling so betrayed, let down and like I’ve really lost something.  What could have been.

I’ve been walking around today as a shell of myself.  I’ve gone through the motions of my day despite the crying in public places.  I started my day in an emergency support group that was thrown together last minute.  I’ve listened to CNN while driving around and demanded that the nail salon put on Hillary’s speech WITH sound, even though they protested that it’s a “quiet place” (I got every patrons’ enthusiastic approval).  I cried through that speech too and can’t wait to show it to my daughter.  Telling the news to my four year old daughter was devastating this morning.  She cried in my arms.  I’m sad for what could have been–the first female president, who definitely is not perfect, but qualified.  I thought my daughter would see that the first president during her lifetime was black and the second was a female.   I feel let down and betrayed by my fellow Americans.  I can’t imagine four days with this president, nevertheless; four years, but this is our new reality.  It is “painful”, but we do need to all come together and root for his success, otherwise we’re only hurting ourselves and our country.  Elie Wiesel’s quote is perfectly apropo: “Even in darkness it is possible to create light.”


  • Clarissa

    Very sad!!! A bad US president affects the whole world. I am afraid of what is coming.

  • cocoincashmere

    We unite and keep moving ahead. And pray.