Spring Jackets:

I love for my spring jackets/coats to be versatile enough to be worn in the fall.  Let’s be honest, in New York it’s still basically freezing and it’s “spring”, so who knows how long we’ll actually have spring-like temperatures before we jump to shorts and t-shirts (which I’ll happily take too!).  I like my spring jackets to also work for the fall, because we never know just how long each season will last.  I’ve rounded up my favorite five outerwear pieces I’m lusting over these days.  I couldn’t contain myself so I may have already checked a few of these off my list!

Cynthia Rowley Fleece Jacket: I instantly fell in love with this one when I came across it last week.  It’s sporty like a Patagonia but is a little more fashion-forward and fitted.  This one should be arriving any day for me.  Stay tuned for how I style it!

Bailey44 Sweatshirt Jacket: This jacket is fashion forward yet also super practical.  Who doesn’t want to own a jacket with a sleek silhouette (think blazer), equipped with a hood and made out of sweatshirt material? Sign me up!


Zadig & Voltaire Denim Jacket:  While you may think finding the perfect denim jacket is a dime a dozen, I’m proof to tell you it’s not!  I found this one to be ideal for me because it’s not trendy, is the right color wash that goes with everything, doesn’t have rips and also zips and buttons.

All Saints Leather Jacket:  I’ve owned this leather jacket for several years now and it only gets better and more worn in with age.  Losing my old leather Zara jacket was a blessing in disguise when I left it on the plane going to Turkey!  My replacement is way better and made from the yummiest of leather.  It’s also a testament to the classic factor because All Saints keeps making it year after year.

Velvet Military Jacket:  I consider olive green a neutral.  It goes with everything.  Hence, this jacket does too.  I love the shirt-like silhouette that makes it stand out a little bit.  It’s fitted and can easily be layered.  This is also the type of jacket that’s going nowhere anytime soon.