citycity-3city-2The holidays crept up on me all too soon this year.  My family and I have been here for the break and to be perfectly honest, it’s been all sorts of lovely/amazing/busy and just delicious.  I’ve had things planned every day to do with the kids and have carved away time to continue to work.  Yesterday’s highlight was having my mom up and taking both kids to see Sing (It was Steele’s first movie and he sat there from previews to completion without making a peep). Today was a city day and we enjoyed it to the fullest, including seeing Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas and meeting the cast of characters for the second time (according to Colette, Fancy Nancy even remembered her).  As fun as it was for the kids it was equally enjoyable for me to see happiness through their eyes.  We hit up Trader Joe’s (all time personal fave) and stocked up on the necessities including reduced fat mac n’ cheese, red Australian licorice and of course fruit leathers–of which 10 alone were eaten by my kids while waiting on that never ending line to pay.  I’m looking forward to being together with my family the rest of this week, to draw inspiration for my blog in 2017 and simply to just be.

Sweater: Lauren Ralph Lauren (similar here)/ Jeans: Rag & Bone (PS: these are new and are seriously the most comfy pair of jeans I own to date–they’re stretchier than any other pair)/ Booties: Ann Taylor/ Earrings: Jennifer Fisher