Staying Sane in the Q:

I’ve gotta admit, it’s the little things these days that give me the greatest joys.  We’ve all brought it back to a simpler time, and I can really appreciate the small markings of the day (like making my cold brew, BIG joy).  I’ve broken down for you what I’m loving and some new discoveries since being in the Q.  Please share with me anything you’re loving that I’m missing!

Wander Drift Away Cleanser–I start my day and end it with this cleanser.  It’s natural, smells insaneeee and feels so damn good on my skin.  Bonus, it will also remove your mascara (no second remover needed here!).

Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara–Speaking of makeup, I’ve taken to wearing this clean mascara daily.  It lasts ALL day (yes, you heard that right), and will wash off with the cleanser above.

Esarora Ice RollerJule The Bee turned me onto this, and I’ve gotta admit, it took a back seat to my frozen food the first couple of weeks.  Once that stocking up frenzy died down, this baby found her place once again in my freezer.  I roll this upwards on my face every am.  It wakes me up and tightens my skin.

Avana Ashbury Water Bottle–I fill one of these up immediately upon waking.  There’s one with me at all times and they’re also super chic. The spout is designed for upright sipping (with a removable straw for washing), which makes it even easier to get in those ounces.  I have a tendency to get migraines from working out and lack of water, so I really need to make sure I drink up!

Olaplex 3 Hair Protector–This has saved my hair in the Q.  I put in a little over a quarter size 1/3 up from the bottom so my ends stay moisturized.  I tend to put this in before a good sweat sesh run and then wash it out a couple hours later in the shower.  I swear, without this my ends would be straw.

Grady’s Cold Brew Concentrate–It’s no surprise that I am obsessed with my cold brew (I always loved it, but during the Q the obsession has been next level).  I reached out to Grady’s right at the beginning of quarantine to give one lucky winner several months supply of cold brew.  I discovered the brand several months prior and knew that during our time at home we would all have to be making our own coffee.  I’ve tried SO many brands, and this one is THE BEST.  That being said, it’s also genius.  I add two bean bags of beans into my pitcher and remove them in 12 hours.  I then have coffee made for the week!  Note that it’s concentrated, so I add about 1/3 cup of water after I pour the cold brew each day.

My Sexy Veggies Halva and Tahini–Sally’s line of halva and tahini is killer.  She’s all about the good fats that burn fat (she’s explained this all to me and I’m so on board), and both of these products do that.  The tahini I use as dressing (mix with 1/2 lemon and 2 TBSP of water), and the halva I roll like cookie dough balls and freeze for an after meal sweet bite.  I also love the halva on my Ezekiel bread with jelly and banana (in place of peanut butter) and on my Vita Muffin tops in the morning.  The chocolate flavor (halva with choc chips in it) is the bomb.

Essie Make a Splash–Essie was kind enough to send me their latest from the Spring ’20 collection, and perfect timing for all of my at-home manis and pedis.  I love this pretty mermaidy blue that has shimmer (typically so not me, but now feels SO me!).

Each & Every Natural Deodorant–I discovered this from The Skinny Confidential, and what Lauren says, goes!  I stopped using aluminum deodorant and found it hard to find one that actually worked.  I’m loving this one in cardamom and ginger and the packing is so cute too.

Melissa Wood Health–I religiously do my MWH flows.  Even if it’s 10 minutes of planking, something happens daily.  I’ve been waking up before I give the kids breakfast to do the newest full body 41 minute one, or combining the 21 minute full body with 10 minutes of planking.  After my outdoor runs I also love to do the 14 minute abs before I jump in the shower!

Isaac Boots–Talk about working out with friends!  Every time I do this Insta live (daily at 11:00 AM he shows up) I see so many insta friends show up.  It’s motivating, a great sweat sesh and downright FUN!

x Karla–I own this cropped muscle tank in black, white and gray, and wear them weekly.  They’re perfect with a pair of sweats, high-waisted jeans or biker shorts.