My Summer Must Have Products:

So, let’s talk  products.  Beauty products.  I’ve rounded up a few products I wear on a daily basis that are perfectly suitable for these summer months.  Here we go!

Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30: I’m a stickler for my strict skincare regiment and always have suncare in mind.  During the summer I make sure my moisturizer has 30 in it as opposed to the 15 that’s in it during the not so warm months.  I apply this every single morning after I cleanse my face.

Amarte Ultra Veil Sunscreen:  If I know I’m going for a run outside or will be outside for the better part of the day I always apply an extra layer of sun protection to my face and neck.  I’ve never found a thinner (if that makes any sense!) sunscreen that barely feels like you’re wearing it.  In fact, it’s called sunscreen “fluid”.  This is compact enough to carry in your purse every day and worth every penny!

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara:  This product is legit.  I know there’s the great debate about pharmacy bought mascara vs. the expensive kind, and I’m here to say this expensive kind actually works.  My lashes have never looked longer and fuller and more noticeable.

Photos by Emma Fein