Taja Time:

I’m a candle lover.  I used to not light them, as a way to preserve them, but then realized the alternative is that a layer of dust forms on the top.  And well, that’s not so cute.  So now I collect candles and most definitely use them on the daily.  You can only imagine how stoked I was when I discovered Taja, the most beautiful, creative, new to the market (since June 2017) and best smelling candles.  The line is totally customizable, down to each side of the candle, wooden lid AND even inside lid.  The candles only come in black and white, which I kind of love (the colors, or lack there of, of my home).  I’m obsessed with my Super size family candle that has each of our names on the inside.  And the scents.  Ahhh the scents.  Colette’s mini (or Cutie as the ladies over at Taja refer to it) “C” candle is so delicious, and so her.  It’s Piña Princess.  Perfect for that little princess.  And Steele’s “S” is 305 To My City, a combination of the sweet vibes of Miami Beach.  My “W” candle is the High Tea scent.  It smells like jasmine and sandalwood, without being overpowering.  It’s light enough that I can keep it in my kitchen and have the aroma waft through.   Whether you’re in the market for a hostess gift, a Valentine’s Day present, or you just want to go ahead and treat yo’self, indulge in one (or two!) of these yummy candles.

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Photos by Ella Gitler