The Craft Studio:

I think I’ve made it clear that #ILOVENYC and everything it stands for.  My kids equally love accompanying me on our journeys throughout the city.  Because I lived downtown all of my city life, it feels like home.  Especially Tribeca.  So it’s only natural that we love coming back to our fave haunts (Gee Whiz, Washington Market Park, Barnes & Noble and the list goes on).  When I heard about The Craft Studio opening on Duane Street (between Greenwich and Hudson Street) I immediately knew that was our next adventure (the sister art studio is on the UES).  We fueled up on a quick lunch and then the kids embarked on their crafting experience.  Not only does The Craft Studio have ceramics to paint (and they don’t need to be fired so you can take them home that day), but they have flat characters and emojis to paint as well as t-shirts and pillow cases.  The fun doesn’t stop with painting though.  In easy-to-see-through clear boxes are pom poms, sequins, plastic sea glass, jewels and buttons that can be glued onto each masterpiece.  And the creativity and amount of bling is endless, as the kids are allowed to use as much as their heart desires. It’s also cute that the kids can dry their works of art in between each stage with kid-friendly pink blow dryers.  The whole experience is hands on and fully kid-centric from start to finish (neither Colette nor Steele asked for my help at any point).  Definitely a must visit if you’re in NYC, and probably a place you’ll frequent a lot if you live there (after all, who actually has the room to “craft” in their apartment?!).

The Craft Studio