Tips On Organizing Your Bags:

I can’t help but share with you what I do for my clients (and myself when I get around to it!) on a regular basis.  To me, accessories are what makes an outfit, and you should keep them in tip top condition.  Here are my tips on organizing your bags and how to keep them fresh and new!

Color: Just as I do when I organize my clients’ clothing, I organize bags by color.  Sometimes this isn’t as easy to see though because I do keep most of my bags (when I can) in dust bags.  Everything always looks aesthetically pleasing when it’s in a color coded fashion!

Eyeline:  I’m a big believer that if you can’t access something easily, you’ll just never pull it down to wear.  I see this all the time with my clients when they have fabulous pieces that completely go unworn.  And what a shame!  I keep all of the bags that I’m wearing according to season, right in front of me.  I really don’t want to get on a stool to grab one, because chances are I won’t.

Seasons:  To maximize my room and have my shelves make sense, I store the opposite season’s bags on the top of my shelves (where I can’t reach them).  My straw, raffia and linen bags won’t be making an appearance any time soon, but my shearling, suede and velvet bags are front and center.

Protection:  Your bags need protecting too!  The best two ways to look out for them are to stuff them with tissue paper to keep their shape (nothing worse than a collapsed designer bag!) and store them in their dust bags.  While this may make it a little more confusing to see what’s inside, you’ll thank me later when they’re dust free and their original color’s still intact.