To 2017!

unnamed-41Thank you to all of my clients that I style and my blog readers for helping to make 2016 such a wonderful year.  While there will always be mountains and valleys, a major high point was having yet another year of blogging down in the books–or cyber world.  Writing these posts brings me great joy, and knowing that people actually read them makes me that much happier.  I’m truly humbled.

As always, if there are any topics that you want me to cover this year please let me know (  I write about my personal favorite things and discoveries but am always thrilled to listen to your questions and quandaries and dedicate a blog post to that topic (What’s the best way to wear white year-round?  Where can I get inexpensive ballet flats?  What’s the best cream to put on my face after the sun? Well, you get it…).  Also, if you have any fabulous products, places and your own finds that are worthy of others knowing about, please share them with me!

Thank you all, and to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.  Cheers!