When Should I Wear My…White Jeans

It’s a misconception that your white jeans need to be retired come Labor Day.  Quite the opposite in fact.  I wear my white jeans year-round, and usually at least once a week.  There are though ways to winterize them. Here’s how!

The weight:  I have some white jeans that are specifically reserved for spring/summer.  They are a lighter weight and have rips in them.  You can wear your ripped whites in the winter, but I think you’ll just be asking for it! Brrrrr!

Pair them:  Pair your white jeans with cold weather materials.  Think cashmere and wool, not linen and lightweight cotton.  These should be reserved for those warmer temps.  I love mixing my white jeans with a natural color palette of chunky knits, shearling, etc.  Playing up different textures makes the whole look pop!

All white:  I happen to looooove an all white/cream look.  This can be achieved this time of year, too.  It all comes back to materials and layering.  As long as you’re working with winter weights you’re good to go.  Add a pop of color (or even just a more saturated neutral like chocolate brown or black) in the form of a handbag.

Sweater: Ralph Lauren (similar) / Vest (similar) / Jeans: AG  / Boots: Jimmy Choo