Workout Gear:

unnamed-20unnamed-24unnamed-23I’m back at my happy place.  Even though I’m still working, still parenting, there’s something so relaxing about doing it beachside.  While enjoying my last licks of Beach Haven for the season, the first thing I did tonight was hit the pavement for a run (followed by an outdoor shower–I swear that’s half the enjoyment of running down here).  I’m often asked by clients what I like to workout in and the truth is, that’s one area in my wardrobe that I haven’t given thought to in many years.  I’m loyal to a couple of brands that fit me well, are comfortable and have wicking power.  For sports bras (and I’ve tried a lot) I love Nike Dri-Fit. They fit snugly but don’t pinch anywhere.  They feel like a second skin.  I’m also very critical of waistbands in running shorts and pants.  I have an extreme aversion to anything that feels too tight.  I wear my Stella McCartney for Adidas gear as far into the Winter as possible because it’s that cozy and lightweight.   On that note, Stella McCartney for Adidas happens to be my favorite line of workout clothing that is CUTE.  Here are some pieces I’m lusting over that quite honestly can be worn even when you’re not working out.  It’s all about the edge factor.

Essentials Shorts:  They’re part of the essentials collection for a reason.  The best running shorts!

SM shorts

Yoga Sweatshirt: Let’s be honest, sweatshirts are a huge trend for Fall and you can wear this with your skinny ripped jeans or leggings if you’re not a yogi.

SM sweatshirt

Essentials Hoodie:  I’m obsessed with this hoodie that can moonlight as a jacket.  It’s perfect for layering over your gym clothes or wearing over your favorite T.

SM hoodie

Metallic Running Jacket:   As far as cool goes, this is that.  This rose gold jacket exudes funk but also is practical.  It’s the right material for running and also has thumb holes.

SM jacket